The Precious Jewels

“This kid was writing saying that they were breaking down some of the racial lines in their towns and communities, because their break dance crews were mixed race, and they didn’t give a fuck. They didn’t care what the Klu Klux Klan said.”

- Michael Holman (screenwriter, Basquiat)

Brotha Hakeem – Just Sharing some thoughts

Greetings, brothas & sistas… Hope you have been feelin these posts we’ve been putting up here. Also, thanks for the “social network” acknowledgment.. This is only the beginning. As I stated at some point, Hip Hop is our shared consciousness; its a way of ‘seeing; understanding & experiencing the world’.. The world obviously has millions/billions […]


The Precious Jewels…

Peace and Love to All… The Precious Jewels exists as an organization dedicated to preserving Hip Hop Culture through academic research; presentations; lectures/seminars; video-documentation and of course the aesthetic elements of Hip Hop – namely DJ-ing (turntablism); Breaking (B-boying/B-girling, Break-Dancing); Graffiti Art (Aeroglyphics); eMCeeing (rap; hyping; spoken word; etc). Also adding the extended elements, giving us a […]