Black History Month: Let’s Remember Whose Bones We Stand On — by: Ras Jah X

“For Africa to me…is more than glamorous fact. It is a historical truth. No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly how he arrived at his present place”. Dr. Maya Angelou.

“Is Black History Month still relevant”, the question that we should be asking is whether or not Black History is controlled by Black people? And if not, is it really Black History or a watered down, white washed version of our culture? Some people of always hold the idea that we are free now and Black History Month is not relevant, we have gained our freedom they will tell us there is no need for such memories. We as Black World of people have been lied to; we have been robbed and erased from the memory of the world. It is high times that we who love Black must stand firm and tell our stories during this month and beyond. Honorable Marcus Garvey the Black Tiger told us “A people Without The Knowledge Of Their Past History, Origin And Culture Is Like A Tree Without Roots”. Therefore it is important that we know our History for we will remember whose bones we standing by in this time.

In this day and time black people are consider to be the foolish group of people. Honorable Minister Farrakhan said we are the race of jokers and entertainers. This is due to the things we do in our entertainment section. Black Entertainment Industry in this day and time is full of gays and feminized blacks whose mission is to white wash our Black Glory. If one look critically in hip hop industry currently, there is no wonder that hip hop today stand to lead masses of our black youths to that which was against them. Those who remember "Fight The Power” by Public Enemy will surely agree that our hip hop and rap has been filtrated with the agenda which serve to kill us. One may say that hip hop is so weak today because the rappers behind the art they do not know about Black History. The whole culture is altered, for instance the jeans today are skinny and feminized rapper is what we have. Really, what happened to the great African civilizations of Ethiopia and Egypt in our arts? Who is there to articulate about those brave warriors who fought against the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? Who will tell the young ones about the thousands of Black people who fought against racism before and after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr Nelson Mandela and Gandhi?

This version of Black History is considered too controversial for the mainstream music industry hip hop particular. That is why we have to raise awareness about the vitality of Black History Month. Also, if our youth can learn about the historical origin of Black Self Hate, history of Black to Black violence every February and beyond, they may be less likely to pick up an assault rifle or they may be less bleaching skin and look to white as “cute and cool”. Thus by such achievement, we as the race labeled as consumers we will be impacting the gun industry, fashion industry and any industry which aim to use us.

Therefore Black History is more than a way to push a product; it must be viewed as the tie seeks to bind people of African descent together. So that we will know and remember to remember whose bones we are standing on this day and time. Our duty today is that we must concern ourselves with taking back our history, before we take back our communities. For Black History Month one may suggesting that Hip Hop and people who are involved in this craft should get involve, as we are asking rappers to come back home and build the black house and its high times that they should use  names of our Black heroes and heroines during Black History Month and Beyond.

It is important to note that Blacks have made unparalleled contributed to the advancement of Western civilization and the world, from great academics to all workmanship of arts, spots, freedom writers, engineers and inventors,  scientists, and through the genius of many great inventions. But, when one examines the inventory of executive leaders in corporations, politics, sports, and high-finance, there is a notable crisis in representative numbers of Black men and Black women in positions of power and high influence. Black History Month should be a month for I and I and collective reflection; a period to report on past and present accomplishments, and to build strong upon a vision and mission for the future of our race.

Therefore Black parents must strive for love, loyalty and fidelity in marriage, such human attributes are the greatest predicators of longevity in marriage and they remain a great enemy of black family. Our families are under siege since we faced social and economic challenges.  Absenteeism of the Black parents is to inadvertently sabotage the survival of the Black family.

For Black youths, I will like to focus specifically to “Black Boys”, slow down young blood, please guard your “freedom” you are the future of our Race. Peaceful revolution and commit to a life of non-violence. The price for violence is lawyers and Correctional Facilities. Young Black male remember we are interdependent beings. Before we live in the urban we were communities not “society”. Therefore our young black male should seek help within the family and community. Black Boys do not despise your family or your elders, your community, respect the law, and respect your nation. Believe in higher powers that can change your life circumstances.

For any Black public figures near and far: lawmakers, law officers, educators, academics, media persons, entertainers and athletes, you have a great opportunity to influence youths of our race, stay black and positive. Not just because you are a public figure, but as living examples for the young ones to live and learn. The actions of Black professionals and Black public figures have a vital symbolic interaction and impact on the decisions that our youths make on a day to day basis. Most youngsters set their ambitions and goals by reflecting on the actions of Blacks in the commercial media.

Therefore Black professionals and Black figures: should seek to become mentors in Black communities. Black financiers and philanthropically minded individuals and organizations should assist Blacks in financing their businesses. For Blacks in general :we have a crucial role to play and we have to pray for all leadership which will defend Black Supremacy, in particular Black leaders that they will develop a higher over-standing of Race needs, priorities, and emergencies within Black communities. Those Black leaders who we vote for should assume some level of accountability and responsibility for the calamities that happened in Black communities, since they have access to state control and administrative mechanisms that can make a tangible change to restore our Black Glory.

We as black people in general we have a role to practice unselfish love, cooperation, and higher-integrity in business dealings. Strive to uplift our brothers and sisters in every way possible, let all work towards upliftment of our race. Let’s pledge to take a serious interest in the welfare of children’s, families, communities, and nation. We can learn from history that in the absence of a loving and caring environment, the behavior of children’s can negatively impact home, community, nation, and the world. Our role as Blacks in general is strives to develop positive self-esteem in children.

To remember the bones we are standing on necessary means that, we must know the progress of our race, our people is not measured by individual progress, but by collective effort. Black progress must manifest in the offering of scholarships, and hiring representative numbers of university and college graduates. Black progress also means offering apprenticeships and internships within Black corporations.

“We must become something we have never been and for which our education and experience and environment have ill-prepared us. We must become bigger than we have been: more courageous, greater in spirit, larger in outlook. We must become members of new race, to overcome petty prejudice, owing our ultimate allegiance not to nations but to our fellow men within the human community”. HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I”.


Ras Jah X