We ought to honor the entire African American heroes that have made positive changes to our society from the time of slavery till the time right now. Those black individuals made a hole through our hearts because so many of them got sent away from their parents and having a month stand out for this purpose sheds light and opens eyes to those who think indifferently about the people of color. Much of the technology and conveniences we have still today were developed by  the African Americans and it needs to be acknowledged just like anyone else on this planet that has made strides for the human RACE in general. Black history month also conveys the injustices that were done during slavery and the many that stood together to overcome that. I think Martin Luther King Jr. was a good role in Black History Month because he was the one who said “Fight hate with love”. We should remember to honor and respect those heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives for millions of black man and women to have freedom of movement, freedom of speech and freedom to be black without any apology.

In appreciation of Black History month I thought it would be a good idea to share and celebrate our culture within hip hop. African-centered songs, Black empowerment songs and other relevant media that highlight our culture within the of hip hop culture. Although every year the question is asked ‘is Black History Month still relevant “well the question that we should be asking is whether or not Black History is controlled by Black people. Back then in 1926 Dr Carter Woodson who is known as the Father of Black History (1875-1950s) was the son of a former slave. Dr Woodson over stood how important it is to gain a proper education so to guide and secure our divine right of freedom. Dr Carter stated that Black History should be deployed as the means to save the stories of  great people from falling into deep dark abyss  of Euro-centric falsehood.

However, today our culture and celebrations have been exploited by everything from car companies that seek to sell Black people pimped them out to restaurants that create a soul food dollar menu year after year. As descendants of Africa both at home and abroad these are high times that we should guide against forgetting as Right Honorable Marcus  Garvey told us that people without knowledge of their past are like the tree without root.

What is most disturbing is that most of the companies that one would hear saying “I’mBlack and I am proud “in today’s media are the same ones that dissed Black folks in the 90’s. We should be extra careful as the black world of people since our enemies are under the guise of Black History, they gave us just enough to keep “Black leaders” happy and to ease white guilt. As a result we get the same old repeated slavery, civil rights stories over and over again. We should ask ourselves to what happened to the great African civilization of Ethiopia and Kemet(commonly known as Egypt? What about those brave warriors who fought against Trans-Atlantic Slave Traders?Or what about thousands of Black people who fought against racism before and after DrMartin Luther King Jr?

This version of Black History is deemed too controversial for the mainstream and mass popular culture. Although controversial may sell rap cds, in most cases telling the truth about Black History may be bad for the business. For example, if more Black youth knew about the bondage done to mother Africa over the scramble for gold and diamonds, maybe “bling” would not be so popular.If the Black youth got a strong dose of true African history during Black History Month, may be they would start wearing dashikis(A loose and brightly coloured African shirt ) and kafis instead of snapbacks and true religion of jeans. Which would impact the clothing industry? At the same time if our black youth learned about the historical origin of black on black violence and the prevalence of the Willie Lynch Syndrome every February, they may be less likely to pick up and assault and perpetuate black on black hatred. Thus, impacting gun industry, as it is said that it is not the Whiteman’s hands on the trigger, doing drive by shooting and calling each other words which I can’t repeat here.

Therefore the only ones who truly benefited from Black history are us Black people, that is why our stories must be told and it should be told by us. There must be a hostile takeover of Black History Month, since Black History is more than a way of pushing anartifact. Our Black History is atie that binds us as Africa-Ethiopia Black World of people together in Black Supremacy of Righteousness.

So, when we begin to talk about “taking back Hip Hop” or” taking back our community,” we must concern ourselves with taking back our history as Black World of People.

These are high times that we embark on a revolutionary campaign on a mission to bring back Black consciousness and there is no better time to start than the time right now. Back then Public Enemy had a mission to raise up 5,000 Black leaders during the time of crises on leadership in the late 80’s, your duty today, is to raise up 5,000 intellectual warriors who are devoted for the course of our people who have been lost on this postmodern society.

To cut a long story short Black History Month should be deployed as a tool which will help to solve our problems as Black World of people, and it should be used to guide against forgetting who we are, and whose bones we are standing with.

As a replacement for the dependence on the mass media to give us the truth about our account and history, we must use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to start a “Black History: Websites,Pages and Episodes” series whereby we will post and Tweet information that has been deliberately buried from the masses of Black World of people. As the matter of fact Hip Hop must also get convoluted as we are asking rappers to adopt the names of our Black heroes and heroines during Black History Month and beyond. If rappers can name themselves after comic book heroes like “Johnny Blaze” and Hollywood gangsters’ like “Frank White” and “Scarface” , why can’t we have , “The King Tut of the Turntables,” “The Nat Turner of Rap”,” or “The Harriet Tubman of Hip Hop.Or Royal Empress Kemet,Queen Nyabhiny, Hapetia of Black Ethiopia?

History is the landmark by which we are directed into the true course of life. The history of amovement, the history of a nation, the history of a race is the guide-post of that movement’sdestiny, that nation’s destiny, that race’s destiny. What you do today that is worthwhile, inspire others to act at some future time”


Brother Jah X