Fat B Dat G is for the people

Fat B Dat G is a South African underground rapper from Pietermaritzburg Kwa-Zulu Natal. He hails from a township called Sobantu in Pietermaritzburg. It is his experiences as young black male growing up in typical township conditions, on the outskirts of society, in the middle of violence and poverty that informs his rap. To understand the content found in what Fat B Dat G raps about is to delve into, to appreciate a reality that a majority of South Africa’s societies, and especially society’s young people go through on an everyday basis. To have been exposed to these things throughout his life has also been an eye opener for Fat B Dat G, and that is what he shares with his listeners in his music. To listen to his music is to be transported, to be taken on a journey that is at times unpleasant but insightful, grimy but heartfelt and passionate, callous but honest. His messages are uninhibited, speaking frankly and openly about social ills, an issue to which he addresses most of his works.

 Fat B Dat G’s music is also a comment on the state of rap music. He targets vitriolic attacks on corporate paragons of what is often considered ‘real hip hop’. He will not tolerate rappers who mislead the youth and he feels that an immense burden lays on ‘real emcees’ to provide direction in what is otherwise a field of confusion, misinformation, egocentricism and selfishness in rap music. Fat B Dat G maintains that this is a real burden in the hands of real rappers. And how can it not be? There is absolutely no representation of the real lives of millions of ordinary South African citizens in much of the rap media that we are confronted with on an everyday basis in our lives. The problems, the challenges, the everyday struggles of ordinary South Africans are not represented in rap music these days and those that are in the position to do so have not intention of doing so, they are distracted by issues that are somewhat on the periphery of the real issues. To listen to Fat B Dat G’s music is to garner an appreciation of the racial, cultural, social and political complexities of life.

Keep your ear out for Fat B Dat G’s latest offering Beast of Burden, out soon in 2014, release date still to be confirmed. The Precious Jewels will also be blessing you with an upload of a promo from this latest offering.


Keep up with Fat B Dat G’s unique take on the state of rap and society on twitter:  @FatBDatG