In Search of Key X – – by: Khonza “Kami” Memela

In life we are ultimately governed by universal impulses. The impulses carry in them the character of cosmic bodies expressing themselves through us individually, traditionally, culturally, nationally and internationally. Over the past millenniums earthly scholars formulated these expressions into mystical systems of ciphers, within their core encoded the systematic expression of the universe on all levels, especially on the humanoid. Living things became symbols of certain energies that can be evoked and manipulated, hence manipulating the cosmic bodies and ultimately nations and individual.

How do we understand our outrageous emotions, or our impulsive reactions? Can we account for our random logic and if so is reason a natural element of our being as life forces in body? On earth we have archives of information ranging from texts collected in millenniums past, cataloging within them subjects such as numerology, herbal medicine, science, biology, math and language. All these subjects are man’s quest to explain the ultimate fabric of his expressions. Religion also attempts to directly identify with the source of our being as overall creation. This research could easily point one in the right direction when approached in a mature manner by the seekers whose intentions are to free self from self imposed ignorance.

All of the above mentioned mediums can be seen keys to higher consciousness and are available to those that value the cosmos and seek to understand more. The question is how did the ancients reach an age when these keys were the seal to being? In other words, at what time in history did we realize that “we have it all figured out” as the human race? Even more importantly, is there a more direct way of communicating with the cosmos as a conscious entity? If so, why must we branch out East, South and West in search of North?

What if we could Skype without computers, program information without computers and play without Nintendo. Could our ancestor have had the ability to do such and if so, what drove them into hiding. The researcher of this text does not claim to have answer; rather he seeks to plant questions in hopes that those seeds I form of questions would one-day blossom into a lasting interaction between the individual and cosmos. I will call this hidden path ‘Key X’

And will inspire the reader to find the master key and unlock a higher understanding of universal conscious reality. 

 PEACE to the GODS…

Khonza Kamikaze Memela