Two Must-Read articles above… Black History Month – 2014

Peace and Light to all… 

I firstly must acknowledge and apologize for our absence / inactivity here these past months, and also to those that have reached out to see if everything was fine and if TPJs is still moving, your queries and concerns are all acknowledged – much love and appreciation – We Are One – a Holy Integrated People,

As we nearing the end of this month – February – we look at the concept and idea of Black History Month, its relevance and significance in the modern era and the general discourse around this month – February. I noticed in an article I was reading that some even call it “Four Weeks of Black History. Well, whatever the case and whatever name one may personally feel is most suited for this month, the most important thing is that we still acknowledge Black History Month and that it is essential for a people to know their History (or as Ziggy Marley puts it – MyStory, not ‘His’tory). There’s no denying the fact that Africa is in the core of the World’s and Humankind’s history, but the irony is that the majority of Africans in the modern world are not even conscious of this fact, and certainly not conscious of this history. Infact, not many people know this history since the colonialism/slavery era to a large extent also consisted of the removing, fabricating, destroying, etc of African (Black) history, but that’s not where I wanted to divert your attention..

Now, instead of stressing my point further, I would like to invite you to read the two posts / articles by Ras Jah Xolani (he contributed in 2013 during Black History Month, see previous article) and Khonza "Kami” Memela (a brotha whose contribution and input within The Precious Jewels is long overdue). These are strong opinions taken by these Kings, and I’d like you to take your time reading it. 

Please do remember that you are Highly encouraged to Print out any articles you come across on this Blog, share them with 3 people and advice those 3 to also share with 3 other people.

Its totally up to us to educate each other and ourselves, we need to think about the Children we bringing up.

One Nation, One God, One Destiny.


Lord Hakeem Kwezi. S